Letting go

I think if there is one thing that I’ve learnt time and again in my life, it is how to let go. The more I want stability and assurance, the more I have to let go. My relationships have always been about being okay with uncertainty and non-commitment. Being okay with dead ends. And knowing it might not lead to anywhere.

Then why is it after so much time, I still act like I haven’t received the message? Why is it easier to latch on things/people and grieve the loss of something rather than accepting from day one that presence today doesn’t mean the same tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be easier to appreciate things/people more if this is drilled in our heads all the time? Not that I am the kind that doesn’t appreciate those around me but seriously, there has to be something about this message the universe keeps repeating again and again.

May be it is time to start everything by letting go. Being okay with uncertainty and embracing the now instead of thinking or planning for tomorrow. And saying goodbye before saying hello.