I am not being mean, I just want to move on.

A couple of years ago, in a fit of anger, I deleted some people from my Facebook friend list. A few weeks ago, a guy I have known for a long time acted like a jerk so I deleted him from my Facebook list. It appears, throwing people out of my life  or just ensuring that there is limited contact with them starts by ensuring that they are no longer connected to me on social media. May be because it is my job or because I have always been an internet addict, getting in touch with me is easiest through the internet. Whatsapp and sms closely follows. But this disconnecting tactic is something that caught my attention yesterday during a conversation where I was quite unknowingly defending my actions.

Why are these people no longer a part of my Facebook friend list? The simple reason being I don’t want them to know what I am up to. I don’t want them to know where I work, what I work as, who do I hang out with, who am I seeing, what do I drink, what do I watch etc etc. No matter how much and how consciously I avoid putting up my personal life on Facebook, a lot of it inevitably ends up on Facebook. Friends tag, I share whatever I feel is worthy, I spend at least 15 minutes on it everyday for personal use. What goes on there, is a clear window into my life. And these guys don’t quite deserve to know it.

No wonder it becomes such a matter of ego and pride when someone gets deleted from someone’s ‘friend list.’           

I envy the generation before mine. For them, a break up actually meant a break up. Saying goodbye actually meant goodbye. It didn’t mean, lets wait for a few weeks before we add each other again or unblock each other. They certainly had a few more choices. And moving on didn’t mean offending someone. 

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