I want a contradictory love

I want to have an utterly pointless conversation at 2am. Sleepy, sweet nothings about life and love. Feel some warmth from far away. Get cosy in my own blanket. Dream about you, think about you and wake up thinking of you.

I want to plan a meaningless things. Stuff that will never happen. Vacations that will stay imaginary, evenings that will only be a dream. I still want to plan them, I want to dream because it means dreaming of you. And you are wonderful to dream about.

I want to be. Wake up, walk, talk and do nothing. Just be. Not think of to do lists. Not wonder if you are thinking about me. I want to know you are thinking of me. I want to breathe in you. Be you. Feel perfection. Feel love. Just feel happy. And sad. And ecstatic. All at the same time. Because you are that. The one thing that makes me feel. The thing that takes me away from my daily mechanical jargon, my analytical mind and need to be perfect.

I want to do so much and so little. All of it together. And nothing at the same time. But above everything else, I want all of this with you. Only you can make me feel sane and insane, all at the same time.