I am in a mood to do bulleted posts. So here goes.

  • I am currently obsessed with pop coloured nails. I did a neon pink a few days ago and I am sporting a bright orange right now. I love how they look against my white keyboards. And how people immediately notice them(me) because of the color. I basically think they are awesome and they bring happiness to my life.
  • I quite love drowning in work. I am currently, quite literally, drowning in work and I love it. I don’t know how long this will lasts but I like this. May be it is the honeymoon period but I couldn’t be any happier. * touches wood *
  • I love working on Apple machines. I know I sound like a snob but the amount of work that I manage to do on a good Apple machine is astounding. I tried to work on a PC lately and I cant say I was sad that to see the back of it. Now I am hoping that this Macbook stays with me. I love being productive.
  • So, being in mid-20s and being single really doesn’t go too well it seems. Friends getting married, getting engaged, breaking up, couples dinners blah blah. So much seems to be happening in others’ lives while I lead a non-dramatic quiet life.
  • Nobody Can Love You More turned out to be a very nice read. I don’t read non-fiction. And frankly, I wouldn’t have picked it up normally but I really enjoyed reading it. Its beautifully written, with emotion and the same time a certain amount of neutrality. I wonder how Soofi managed that. Because through the book, his emotions about those women and life they lead are so obvious but he doesn’t pass judgment at any point. Neither does he push the readers to make up their minds. How to write like that?
  • I think it has fizzled out. Like I knew it would. I need to let it go. May be in the future it would revive for now it feels quite dead. I can’t deal with this arrangement. I need to stop investing myself in stuff with very little hope. I cannot keep doing this to myself. Why must I be so stupid always?

3 thoughts on “Bullets

  1. Hi. Major clicks from my mouse got me here 😛

    And I would have maybe passed through but read this post and I have a question (err). You seem to have a very fond opinion about MAC. I am currently gonna buy one but really confused thinking of the many possible drawbacks. I’d be picking up MAC Pro. Just gimme a kick 😀

    • Envy you for getting a MacBook Pro. It is just much much easier than working on a PC. I think I am a bit bias as I’ve been using my iMac and a Macbook at work for too long but in comparison, I always feel that I get a lot more work done on these two. It is a lot more user friendly than many of Windows recent OS. I havent used Windows 8 yet, but I am sure as good as it is, it wont be a Mac.

      Go for it! And enjoy it! You ll figure out a way around the (seeming) drawbacks.

      • Thank you. It’s been an on and off decision. My primary reason is it’s video editing awesomeness. I am just gonna give it a go now 🙂

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