The Saving Grace


There seems to be a steady pattern in what I have been reading in the last few days. Very emotional, very draining books that get finished faster than I’d like because I get too involved in them. I have read a lot this year. Doesn’t feel that way but I have. I never feel that I read a lot. I guess it may be because many of the books I read were close to a 1000pages. And the fact that most of these books happened to me only in the latter half of the year. Doesn’t matter. Fact is, they made me happy.

As this is the last month of the year, I am going to make a list of books that I have read. Hopefully, I wont forget any.

So here goes,

  1. The Immortals of Meluha
  2. The Secret of the Nagas
  3. How to lose my virginity and other dumb ideas (no judgment please)
  4. Paths of Glory (I think it was during this year only)
  5. A Game of Thrones
  6. A Clash of Kings
  7. A Storm of Swords – Steel and Snow
  8. A Storm of Swords – Blood and Gold
  9. A Feast for Crows
  10. A Dance with Dragons (half of this, as I quit half way)
  11. Fifty Shades of Grey
  12. Fifty Shades Darker
  13. Fifty Shades Freed
  14. Narcopolis
  15. One Day
  16. Nobody Can Love You More (currently reading)

And the year hasn’t ended yet.

I also attempted to read 1Q84, which I abandoned for the second time. I think that book doesn’t like me.

If this does prove anything, it isn’t that I read a lot or anything; it just proves that I spend too much money on books. None of these were borrowed. Except for Fifty Shades trilogy that I found online.

Books were the saving grace of the very bad year that has started to get better only towards its end. I loved all of the books mentioned in that lists. With an exception of one or two I think. If asked to pick one out of all of them, it will be Narcopolis. The Song of Fire and Ice series doesn’t count. It is a bloody saga. Deserve a whole post and different comparison scale altogether.


Here’s hoping the New Year is filled even more of such awesomeness.

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