Resolves, Superstitions and Happiness

So it has been more than two weeks since my birthday and haven’t had the time or the inclination to come here and write about it. So here it goes, it was one of the best yet. For very simple reasons at that:

  • I confirmed a job I was looking forward to
  • Received some awesome and funny phone calls from some really awesome friends
  • Had someone to keep me company throughout the day and flirt with me
  • Got some really nice gifts and flowers
  • Had a nice dinner, preceded by buying stationery! Nothing could make me happier.

I guess more than anything else, I was just happy. There was no single reason that made me happy but something did. I think it was just my resolve to be happy that day.

Over to the second bit. Yes, I have started working again. It is something that took very long to happen but in the end, my patience paid off. It is very rare that I look at something and say that I want to do this. This was one of those very few moments. And for some reason, I am ridiculously superstitious about it. Very few people know I have started working again. I refuse to update my Facebook or Linkedin, even when I know that it is a practical thing to do. Like always, I am scared to be happy. Scared to jinx it. I don’t think anyone can blame me. It does have way too many plus points as of now. But * touches wood * patience. This is going to be about patience and not excitement. I am going to let things happen at their own speed. I am not going to rush into things.  I am not going to do anything that I’ll regret.

After watching Life of Pi yesterday, I have resolved to go to Pondicherry in the beginning of the New Year. Pick up my bags and go sort of trip. I have wanted to do this for a very long time. Just book tickets in advance because I just cannot afford the airfares.  That is, if one of my other secret plans doesn’t work out. And you will have to wait for that secret to come out.

Yes, this has been a month of secrets, superstitions and happiness. * touch wood *

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