Day 07 – A photo that makes me happy

Goa 2011 – With the gang

This was taken during the infamous Goa trip. This was also one of the many many tequila + breezer shots that happened during that afternoon. It signifies a great deal to me. This Goafest trip was a super happy one. I was with few of my very favourite people on this planet. I was unbothered. There were no rules. There was no chaos. There was no one to bother me. Nothing to manage. Do what I want, drink what I want and be however I want.

I remember stumbling back to the room alone, taking a shower and going off to sleep for a long while after this. So much fun.

This trip also marked the end of an era for me. Post this I changed my job, decided to get a bit more serious and do a lot of different stuff. Not a lot of things went my way but this picture is like a happy place. I look at this and I remember the good times. Above everything else, I think this was the best way to conclude an awesome time with some really awesome people.

Cheers to that.

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