Day 4 – My Favourite Quote

Everyone has their weird, unusual and strange reasons as to why they are in advertising. Most people also have an interesting story, how they tried doing something else and realized their heart is not in it. Words, photography, design or just plain freedom called creativity appealed to them and they ended up in advertising. I have neither. No story, no strange reason. It was a simple decision. It’s like I always knew what I wanted to do.

I am lucky to have a sister who understands art and is good at it.  While she did her commercial arts degree, I was in school/junior college. I used to write her copy and she helped me understand design. I realized that this is something I was good at.  But it never occurred to me then that I could make this my career. I understood briefs, understood advertising. But I also understood people and emotions better. So I decided to take up Arts and eventually do psychology. During junior college, I came across BMM through left over notes on blackboards and assignments posted on notice boards. Again I felt this is something I can do. I researched, got to know more and decided that this is something I want to do.

So that is how it began. I got through BMM. It was worse and better than a roller coaster ride. I made it through. I did content jobs, which are mildly related to advertising, just because I love writing more than I love advertising. And then I experienced advertising. And that is why I love this quote.

It is 100%, completely, utterly, shockingly true. The amount of struggle that goes into just making your work acceptable to yourself is astounding amount of hard work. And this is just to yourself. Not even to others. You are constantly surrounded by greatness and creative geniuses, who almost always seem a thousand times better than you. And you know that because you have awesome taste and shrewd mind that points out the best. And you struggle and struggle everyday to inch towards making your work as good as your taste is.

I am glad I read this. I know I am not alone in this struggle. And I know I am not supposed to give up. It is reassuring. It says exactly what I am supposed to do if I ever want to be as good.

I wish everyone in creative fields reads and understands this quote. All the juniors for obvious reasons and the seniors, so that if they’ve gone through this they should realize it. The most, I think, anyone at my level needs a bit of learning and guidance. While learning is a responsibility for everyone, teaching is responsibility for those who actually know.

PS: I cheated I know.

One thought on “Day 4 – My Favourite Quote

  1. Duuude I love that as well! I remember when I first read that and how pumped up I got. I really have to print out the quote and keep it with me at work.

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