Day 03 – My Favourite TV Program


I am not a huge fan of medical dramas or comedies. I don’t even remember how I came across Grey’s Anatomy. It was during the time I was taking a break from work, around two years ago. I watched had watched a few episodes and then I came across a website where I could stream them. Got literally hooked on it and saw every season till George dies. And then the new season started and slowly I started to dislike their storylines. But this is about my favourite TV series, so lets not go there.

The thing with this show is that I don’t identify with any of those characters. May be Cristina Yang a little bit. There is no one I relate to. There is no one I can say is a reflection of me and there is nothing that connects me to their lives. But there are a lot of emotions that I identify with. Including the feeling of not fitting and not being “normal”. Dark and twisty type.

Over the years, the show has started to spiral down. Favourite characters have moved on and may be it is time they put an appropriate end to the show. It should’ve actually ended with Mer-Der wedding and Owen Hunt’s arrival. And the only reason I watch it now is Patrick Demsey and Eric Dane(who is leaving this season). I guess I’ll watch it till Shonda Rhimes decides it is time for him to die in the series as well.

PS: Had a migraine the day this was supposed to go up and then my internet connection was cut. So the 30-day challenge will continue a few days late.

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