Day 1: My Favourite Song

I listen to almost everything. Starting from Frank Sinatra and Elvis to Abba to U2 to Bryan Adams to Coldplay to Adele. I like and listen to a lot of different things. I have many songs that I’d label my favourites.

One of the ways that I have come across music is through movies and books. Most of my favourite movies and books have some relation to music or a good sountrack. One such movie is City of Angels. It is a sad, sad movie. But with a beautiful story and it features one of my favourite songs.

Incidentally, I heard the song first and then saw the movie but it doesn’t change the fact how gorgeous both are. The song is Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. It’s a beautiful song with lyrics that match the moment that it is played in the movie.

I think it symbolizes everything that love means or has meant to me. I am not going to write more about it, I just can’t. Have a listen.

I think it is just fair to have a Hindi favourite song as well. I have grown up listening to Hindi, Marathi and English music. Some Hindi classics are extremely close to my heart. One of which is Mera Kuch Saaman from the beautiful movie called Ijaazat directed by Gulzar. The movie was way before its time. I can’t believe he actually made it. Do watch it if you get a chance.

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