Seeking refuge.

Happy faces. Fairy tale-ish love stories. Good news. Vacation pictures. Hopelessly in love conversations. The innocent ones. The ones who have never had to struggle for anything, not even once in their life. The illusioned ones who blind themselves with positivity. The ones who still go on believing. All of them.

Absolutely all of them get under skin and set my blood and bones on fire. I am an exceptionally jealous person as I am a Scorpio. But it is very well controlled. At least I make conscious attempts to not tear anybody’s throat out or berate someone who is being too positive. But I think I have had enough of it lately. Now, all I want to do is sink further into my bubble of depression and self loathing, and walk from the world that is so so unjust and so painful.

The only thing I wish is that I had somewhere to go to.

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