Finding a balance.

If you have grown up in the 90s in a big metro in India, you will surely know about the rise of the modern woman. The generation before mine and the generation before them had been vital in changing how women were perceived in the society, they were in fact the ones who paved the path for the true independent women that we see now. This was the time before Indra Nooyi had become the president of Pepsi Co. and before Kiran Bedi (not considering the current antics) was a woman of example.

Growing up during these times meant that it was cool to say that I don’t want to get married, I want to be a big career woman and I want to earn loads of money. No one ever frowned when you said that. I think no one even believed girls who said that. I don’t know if the girls who said that believed in it themselves. But one thing was for sure, my generation of women grew up with a lot of ambition. I grew up with a lot of ambition.

But the one thing that doesn’t fit into this entire picture is the not being married bit. I fail to understand why all this while we were told that it has to be an either/or situation. Do whatever shenanigans you want to do in the career front before you get married. Be prepared to sacrifice all of that once you get married. I don’t understand why is it still a choice that one has to make. Why can’t it be both? I know, we 20 somethings always think that it is all bullshit and we can do both, but how many of us are seriously going to do it?

I turn 24 very soon. Yes, I am freaking out. I thought by the time I am 24, I’d have a plan about the personal life. Just like I have plan for the professional life. I don’t. But I have realized that saying that I want to be single and lying about it is seriously not an option. I want to have both and I want to successful at both fronts as well. I don’t think what the generations before us went through is right, it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. From the beginning or as an eventuality.

I frankly don’t know if I am going to find a guy who is fine with this point of view. In fact, I think that might be the reason why I’d end up being single and successful. But I am not willing to sacrifice something important to me. Whether it is my career or my personal life.

4 thoughts on “Finding a balance.

  1. Congrats on your new blog/first blog….you’ll love every bit of it.
    I know it sucks right…having to make a choice. I hate it when women act oh so dramatic about careers and freedom. Cut the crap. Marriages and babies are as important.

  2. Wonderfully written. Am Indian and am turning 24 in a few months and am going through the exact same thing. All plans go awry all that time. And all I do is write. 😦

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